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Angra Angels Cry 20 Anniversary Tour

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Angra is one of the most popular melodic bands from Brazil and are known for their highly technical instrumental playing. It's a band which managed to establish itself as one of metal scene's heavy names in the world. Their debut album 'Angels Cry' (1993) shot the band to success, achieving gold status in their home country as well as in Japan. During their 22 year long career, the band has already opened for AC/DC and shared the stage with bands like KISS, Black Sabbath and Slayer in addition to their sol

  • Product : Angra: Angels Cry - 20 Anniversary Tour
  • Merk : Absolute Marketing
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 4029759091219

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Amusement Absolute Marketing Angra Angels Cry 20 Anniversary Tour