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Vanishing Waves

Autonomy Pictures Amusement | Zavvi , 0 uit 5 op basis van 0 review(s)
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A science fiction film like no other- Vanishing Waves offers a truly fresh, sexy, and highly original take on the genre. When a young researcher volunteers for a sensory deprivation experiment he is tasked with communicating with a comatose woman. Soon, through these unorthodox means, the subject and the scientist begin to develop an unlikely emotional and sexual bond. As things develop further, the waters begin to muddy and their unique relationship is threatened by external and more earthbound forces.

  • Product : Vanishing Waves
  • Merk : Autonomy Pictures
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 0807839007084

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Amusement Autonomy Pictures Vanishing Waves