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Red Shift (BBC)

Red Shift (BBC) BFI Amusement | Zavvi , 0 uit 5 op basis van 0 review(s)
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DVD premiere of this acclaimed BBC TV 'Play for Today' from 1978. Directed by John MacKenzie (The Long Good Friday, Just Another Saturday) and adapted by Alan Garner (The Owl Service) from his own fantasy novel, Red Shift takes the viewer on a fantastical and bewildering journey. Spanning three separate time periods, Red Shift tells the story of three, troubled young men - one in Roman Britain, one in the English Civil War and one in the 1970s - all of whom are haunted by each other's memories, and are co

  • Product : Red Shift (BBC)
  • Merk : BFI
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 5035673020074

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Amusement BFI Red Shift (BBC)