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Duracell PS3 Move Dual Charger

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You need a charger for your Sony PS3 Move and Sub controller? You need to store and charge your controller after playing? You need to charge your controller independently of the console? All this is possible with the Duracell Move Dual Charger. The Duracell Dual Move charger stores and charges your controller independent of the console. Your move controllers and sub controllers be fully charged the next time you play. Storing and charging at the same time.... With the Move Dual Duracell Charger. The Durace

  • Product : Duracell PS3 Move Dual Charger
  • Merk : Duracell
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 884620005771

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Amusement Duracell Duracell PS3 Move Dual Charger