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Donnie Darko S. Darko Donnie Darko 2

Donnie Darko S. Darko Donnie Darko 2 Lions Gate Entertainment Amusement | Zavvi , 0 uit 5 op basis van 0 review(s)
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Donnie Darko October 1988 and small town USA is about to witness the end of the world. Troubled, brilliant teenager Donnie Darko is plagued by terrifying visions and must unravel the strange occurrences infecting his school, his home and his life before a horrifying spectre known only as Frank can pull him over the edge of his sanity. S. Darko Get ready for a visual and cerebral treat with this follow-up to the cult classic Donnie Darko. It's 1995, and Donnie's sister Samantha (Daveigh Chase) escapes h

  • Product : Donnie Darko/S. Darko - Donnie Darko 2
  • Merk : Lions Gate Entertainment
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 5060052418173

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Amusement Lions Gate Entertainment Donnie Darko S. Darko Donnie Darko 2