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Mindgame Saga

Reeltime Pictures Amusement | Zavvi , 0 uit 5 op basis van 0 review(s)
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From the pen of DOCTOR WHO writer TERRANCE DICKS! MINDGAME A Human … a Draconian … a Sontaran … trapped in a prison cell. Who will survive when they are forced to fight for their lives? MINDGAME TRILOGY - Having escaped their fate in MINDGAME, the three warriors return to their respective timelines … a battlefield, a prison cell and a dying spaceship. Far more deadly situations than the one they just escaped from! Will any of them survive? MINDGAME SAGA stars SOPHIE ALDRED (Ace in DOCTOR WHO) and brings

  • Product : Mindgame Saga
  • Merk : Reeltime Pictures
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 4020628870591

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