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Sick Puppies Tri Polar

Virgin Records Amusement | Zavvi , 0 uit 5 op basis van 0 review(s)
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Three years later, Sick Puppies are back with a new album and producing team from Dressed Up As Life . Together they've created a sound that reflects the past four whirlwind years spent in the rock and roll fast lane, on the grueling tour grind, honing their chops until they were a finely tuned powerhouse ready to let loose with the anger, frustration and triumphs built up from all that road work.Songs like the storming first single, You're Going Down, which is being used as the theme song for the WWE's

  • Product : Sick Puppies - Tri-Polar
  • Merk : Virgin Records
  • Categorie : Amusement
  • EAN : 5099909493223

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Amusement Virgin Records Sick Puppies Tri Polar